Christ’s Mission in Liverpool

Nelson Pike

Welcome to my missionary blog!

I’m a Missionary of the Episcopal Church, USA, placed in Liverpool, UK, at the Anglican Cathedral of Liverpool. Read below to stay up to date with my latest missionary adventures!

Nelson Sails Again!

As promised, a final blog post!  The first thing I had to adjust to in Liverpool was the fact that home was five hours behind. Now that I’m back in Massachusetts, I now have to adjust to my home over in Liverpool being five hours ahead (and I’m sure Debra relishes the fact that she…


The first week of August saw members of the Tsedaqah Community driving up to Scotland for the annual community retreat. It was a retreat for both members of the Community from 2019-2020 and 2020-2021, as the community was unable to go on retreat in 2020 for obvious reasons.  We went to an island not far…

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