Taking off…

I’ve been getting asked more and more about my upcoming year of mission in Liverpool as a YASCer. Of course, I respond, I’m excited and a bit nervous. I’m excited to meet new friends and find out what the Holy Spirit is up to across the pond. I’m excited—and nervous—to attend the Lambeth Conference next July. 

Recently, I’ve felt an overwhelming sense of peace that settles into the corners of my soul when I think about the upcoming year. A feeling that the path I’m on is the right one, and that I’m ready for whatever joys and challenges are coming my way once I step off the plane. 

For about a week this past August, however, I found myself listening to a bunch of Christmas music at work and home (the latter much to my parent’s chagrin). Looking back, I realize now that this started when I realized that I wouldn’t be home for Christmas this year, for the first time in my life. This behavior betrays a final emotion: preemptive homesickness. However, I am reassured first by the fact that there will be an incredible amount of support who are probably expecting my feeling this way. 

Throughout this past summer and the process of fundraising, I’ve repeatedly had the privilege to be able to glimpse the Holy Spirit at work. I was repeatedly astounded and humbled at generosity of my fellow parishioners, family, friends, and even strangers who supported my year of mission. Moments of gratitude and grace were the sometimes necessary reminders of the reason for my preparations: my participation in Christ’s Mission. I’m extremely grateful and humbled by the financial and prayerful support of my home parish, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, the Rev. Karin E. Wade, Rector, and to All Saints’ Episcopal Church, Northfield, Minnesota as well for supporting of my year of mission. To all who have supported me in some way or another, you have my thanks. 

Liverpool, here we come! 

Thanks for reading this update on my missionary blog! I’m a missionary of The Episcopal Church, serving in Liverpool, UK. Make sure to subscribe at the bottom of the home page to get an email when I next post an update. God bless, and thank you!

Eager to read more? Check out the “Meet the YASCers” page of the website of the Young Adult Service Corps (YASC) of the Episcopal Church to find the blogs of my missionary colleagues: https://www.episcopalchurch.org/YASC/meet-yascers.


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  1. Nelson, fantastic to read your update. I am so excited to finally meet you very very soon!!
    We will all do our very best to support you and help you settle into your Liverpool home over the next few weeks and months. I appreciate the mix of emotions! You’ll be an adopted Scouser in no time 😉 with lots and lots of prayers as you set off on your journey!
    See you soon,

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